Keep Her Interested

Pay Attention To What She Says

Dating is a fun activity but it sometimes it can get dull and boring. If you have been playing the field for a while, you have probably seen it all and you most likely long for something different. If so, you should try out telephone chat.

Phone chat will help you connect with single ladies who are looking for someone with the similar interests as themselves. It will assist you to hook up with more women than you would ever meet by using traditional methods. The reason for this, is that thousands of single women use these services to meet single men just like yourself.

Once you have called Booty Chat and connected with a particular woman, you need to ensure that you can keep the discussion going. Always remember that you called in with the aim of it, hopefully, being to arrange an actual physical meeting.

It is important to be very skilful when you’re chatting. It is what will make the difference between whether you become her friend, her lover or if she will simply drop the call and disconnect from you completely.

Once your discussion gets going, be polite and assertive when you speak. Avoid using old and overused lines like “what have you been up to?” as well as stumbling over your words. Rather, keep it stimulating by asking her open-ended questions. These questions will let her know you are interested in her and help keep it interesting.

Listen carefully to her responses and then ask her follow-up questions. Get her to talk about her hobbies and interests. Try as much as possible to have the conversation centred on her, as opposed to yourself. Tease her and display your male confidence. Use humour but ensure that you do not overdo it or be crude. Avoid acting like a clown so that she will take you seriously.

Understand that for women, nothing is ever too personal to converse about and they can spend a great deal of time discussing their most intimate and deepest desires. Therefore, ensure that you stay in control of the conversation and keep it clear of any deep and emotional issues.

You are a busy man and the purpose of the call should be to set the stage for meeting her in person. If your conversations comprise of discussing her deepest fears and emotional baggage, she will most likely push you to the ‘friend’ zone. Ensure you avoid this, at all costs.

Every conversation will end at some point and if you feel that both of you have started struggling for something to say, it is time to say goodbye, even if it is just for the time being. Preferably, try not to talk for more than 20 minutes at a time. Always endeavour to be the one who ends the discussion.

Keep in mind that the reason for talking to her is to interest her enough for her to want to meet  you.  Being a challenge to the woman is a good thing. If you end your call with her wanting more, that will ensure that you don’t lack something to talk about when you meet her in person.