Adult Phone Action

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Adult Phone ActionPhone chat is making quite the comeback, especially for those who remember the intimacy of actually speaking on the telephone. There was a time when no one would have known the meaning of a text message or video calls. Adult phone talk services offer the caller many things that other platforms cannot provide.


There is a certain mysterious ingredient which allows you to vividly imagine the other person. You get to hear him or her speak. You get to hear all about the interests, hobbies and other aspects of the person’s life. It really gives two people a different and often quite intimate, way of connecting – immediately!

Tension Cutter

Real anonymity exists, at least at first until you get to know one another. This really helps cut the tension that can arise when speaking with someone new. Many people get really nervous during conversations and this is an excellent way to just take the stress out of the situation. You can relax, have some great conversations and not have to worry about being judged right away.

Reverse First Impressions

When you call, you’re afforded a different kind of first impression. You get to be represented by how you interact with the other person and by what you say, not by what you look like. No matter what anyone says, with face to face first meetings, normally the way you look plays a big role. Physical appearance is usually a huge factor when it comes to first impressions.

Many Different Options

While it does provide that mysterious anonymous factor, you’re also provided with choices to improve your chances of finding a great match. One person might want to just have a conversation about daily life, while another person might want to have late night pillow talk or maybe a sex chat. If you wish, you can simply browse the profiles of other callers, so that you can select one and message him or her to see if the person wants to connect.

There is no pressure because you can simply disconnect at any time. When meeting someone for the first time, in person, you are not afforded this simple luxury. Or, if you are meeting face to face for the first time, you can always leave at any time but it is much more awkward and uncomfortable. Our service makes everything easy.


At any time, you can opt to take things to a different level. Callers are encouraged, however, to use  their discretion and common sense when meeting with new people. Make sure that you have had at least several conversations with someone who you might be thinking about meeting up with. Find out as much as possible about them first. This can be tricky if you don’t want to sound like an interrogator. That’s why asking a few questions on several different occasions, is such a great idea.

If you do ultimately decide to hook up with someone you’ve been speaking with, choose a public place and preferably during the day time. Maybe a coffee in a well known cafe. Consider taking a friend along and have a pre-arranged signal, if you’d prefer your friend to stay. Always let someone else know where you’re going and who it is that you are meeting with.

If the person you’d like to meet with, objects to a public meeting place or doesn’t react favourably to you asking a friend along too, then you should recognise these as warning signs that perhaps all is not well. The key thing is to be sensible and keep yourself safe in all such circumstances.

The Right Line

If you’ve never called an adult phone sex chat line before, then you’re in the right place. Booty Chat doesn’t just cater mainly for men or focus primarily on the  younger crowd. Our service is for everyone over the age of 18 years. When you’re wanting to interact with other singles, you can choose to speak with people anywhere in Australia or someone who lives locally, near you.

Phone chat is getting more popular every day. It’s always fun to see who is out there and remember, every day there are different callers, so every day is different. That’s why it’s so exciting.