What Does She Want

Friend, Lover Or Husband?

If you are currently single and you like using telephone chat services, there are many things that you need to consider when you start a discussion with women over the phone. It isn’t just knowing what you want but being able to assess what the other person on the end of the line is actually thinking, based upon the words that they use, their tone of voice and the direction that the discussion is going in. You don’t have the luxury of identifying body language or looking at the expression on the other person’s face.

All you have to go on, is the conversation itself and depending upon the things that women will disclose to you, you can easily determine whether they are simply looking for a pal or someone who they really want to get to know, a lot better. Maybe someone they can spend their whole life with. Below are some simple tips that you can use, in order to determine exactly what it is that the female you are speaking with, is really wanting.

Direction Of The Conversations

One of the first things that you will want to consider when you have found someone you love to talk to, is the direction that your discussions tend to go in most of the time. For instance, if a lady is speaking to you about things that happened during the week, memories of previous relationships and general or mundane topics that seem to be randomly thrown in, it may be only because she wants to have something to mention. She just likes talking.

A woman may be just talking to you because of your sexy voice or the fact that you are there to listen to her. This is certainly not an indication that she is looking to be with you, as a life partner. Alternatively, if a woman is speaking about what her last romance could have been like and how married life is something she has always wanted, this is definitely an indication that a long-term relationship is on the cards for her. If a woman likes talking to you, time after time, then you will soon realise that she is super interested in you.

Length Of The Conversations

The duration of the discussions that you have, can tell you a lot about what another person is thinking. If they tend to be short, to the point and seemingly more of a way to vent at the end of the day, then you may simply be being used as a sounding board for hearing someone rant. Conversely, if your time on the phone is relatively long and the topics that you discuss allow both of you to have input, then you will know that she is genuinely interested to hear what you have to say as well. If you really feel like everything goes well, every time both of you talk about what you want to do with your lives, common interests that you share and topics related to being in relationships, then it is safe to say that there is a possibility that long-term relationship commitment is being aimed for.

There are several other indicators that someone simply wants to be a friend, such as when they offer very little detail about themselves, the things that they like or hobbies that both of you might share. However, some people will like to talk about a multitude of topics, asking for your input and really listening to what you have to say. These are all good signals that they are not only interested in you as a friend but someone they would really like to spend time with and potentially get into a serious relationship with. This is a situation that could be mutually beneficial for you.