Keep It Light

Just Have A Fun Conversation

There are plenty of stories about adult services apps and online dating. So many of them report about how they are just for hooking up or how hard it is to find an ideal match. While overlooked sometimes, there’s no question that phone services still continue to thrive, as they offer a wonderful chance for two people to talk and really hear each other. They can get a feel for the real and genuine personality behind the voice.

Speaking like this can be a bit intimidating at the beginning, as you’re not hiding behind a keyboard. You’re actually chatting with another live person and interacting with them. While everyone wants to make the best first impression, it’s important to know some tips and take some advice, to make sure you don’t try too hard and blow it. Keeping it light and making it breezy, doesn’t sound too difficult does it? The wonderful news is that all you need to do is take a deep breath, relax and read on for all the help you need, to make that initial call a big hit.

Women Love Humour

This doesn’t mean that you need to crack a joke every other line, but one or two jokes might not hurt. Tease the women a little bit in a flirty way or bring up a funny story that happened during the day. It’s important, however, to make sure that that your humour is appropriate and not crude. You may wish to ask the lady a few playful questions, to gauge her response. You want to sound happy and relaxed. That’s a great vibe that everyone loves and it’s going to make her want to meet you, all the more.

Women Love Sharing in the Happiness

Don’t make your opening conversation super serious or immediately dive into deep emotional issues. There are times and places for that. The early introductions are supposed to be all about getting to know each other and keeping it light, flirty and maybe even a little sexy. What makes you special? What kind of things do you like doing? Do you have a sense of humour and can you relax and interact with her comfortably throughout a call? These are the kinds of things she will be asking herself as she listens to you.

These are all important questions and excellent advice for getting past those early jitters. Try not to be nervous. Don’t concentrate on trying to be too impressive. If you just focus on having a good time and enjoying yourself, that will really come across during the call and make a favourable impression, even if you’re not trying.

Have Good Manners

A pleasant conversation ends up with its own flow and you’ll get a great feel for what’s appropriate and what’s not. You should have nice phone manners and etiquette, to make that important, positive early first impression. Both of you may be a little nervous. That’s okay and perfectly normal. So being courteous during your first interaction, will go a long way towards making everything easier for both of you.

Enjoy Yourself

This is the single most important piece of advice. When you enjoy yourself, you will come across as an amusing, confident guy and that is attractive to most females. It’s a valuable tip to remember. As you have yet to meet in person, you will want to ensure that she thinks you are interesting, fun, not too intense and certainly worth getting to know a little better.

Enjoy the whole experience and anything else that comes out of it, is just a bonus!