Talk With Guys

Making The Most Of Every Conversation

Talk-With-GuysWhen it comes to telephone relationships, initial impressions are crucial. Usually most people focus on flirting, telling a few jokes and keeping it light. The kind of impression you make when you first get into free sexy chat with hot men on adult chat services, can have an immense impact on your future and, in particular, your dating success. Many psychologists argue that failure to make a good impression on the telephone, initially, can also mean that you are not able to, in another person’s physical presence.

Your first foray into an adult chat session can be a tricky mating stage, which comes prior to face-to-face meetings. Negativity should be consciously avoided, since it can ruin what should be a successful and enjoyable introductory conversation. Many men can stereotype a woman even before they get to know her, based on the little things said whilst chatting. Read through this article to get tips that can help you have a good first experience.

Do Not Grill

Getting a gentleman to talk more about himself is not about peppering with mundane or too many questions. There are two elements; quantity and quality. Avoid asking more than one question per minute. As a lady, you should try to inject reflections and comments in between the questions to minimise their quantity.

Keep it light and try to introduce some topics that have recently been in the news, rather than gossipy tit bits. This makes it a real conversation, rather than an interrogation session. In addition, you should try as much as possible to avoid boring questions, even if he has asked you a dull one first. Queries such as, “how was work?”, “was traffic bad?” or “what are you doing?”, should not feature at all. However, if it’s unavoidable, use only one. Sport can be a good topic with most guys.

Be Funny

If there is a lull in the flow, while you are speaking, try to be comical and spark some banter. You can pick a third party topic, ask a question or make a comment about it. For instance, “Hey, did you get the chance to see Letterman last night?”…. “Guess what I bought today?”…. Asking someone to make a guess about something you are discussing, is an appropriate way to flirt and keep your time on the phone interesting and engaging. In addition, bringing up a third party topic makes you seem easy-going. It makes you sound very different from the many others who are probing to find out whether someone is Mr Right or not.

Relax Him

You can easily ensure that you give most men a feeling of relaxation and confidence. You can do this by acting happy and interested in what they have to say. In addition, give some positive feedback on their choice of topics, even though they may not be all of interest to you. In the end, people who are initially shy and awkward, end up making better partners than the ones who are instantly slick and charismatic. For instance, tell a gentleman, “I had one of the roughest days at work but talking to you has really cheered me up.” This will make most guys feel relaxed and happy. He will know that speaking with you is enjoyable for you both.

What You Should Never Do

While you are speaking, you should avoid chewing food or a piece of gum. Never visit the bathroom or flush the toilet, not even when your phone is muted. Some times mute doesn’t work and can lead the man to believe that you are not committed to talking to him at all. In addition, you should endeavour as much as possible, not to try multi-tasking, when you are talking. Give him your whole attention. He will notice and it will be worth it. It makes a huge and positive difference and he will really enjoy the call.