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Fast-Free-EntryEveryone says that finding the right person is so hard but we don’t agree. Booty Chat Australia is the best way to find the people you are looking for. It’s as easy as picking up your telephone.

If you’re into erotic role play or you are wanting to meet some new friends, sexy free adult phone chat is for you. You can scope out all the singles online, select who you like the sound of, then take it from there. You may prefer  to talk to several other callers first, before deciding to meet or hook up. That’s the nice thing about having a conversation beforehand. You get to choose who you like and not simply take pot luck. If you want to speak to hot guys or if your preference is for sexy women, you can just go for it. Pick a time that’s convenient for you – remember we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use your cell phone while you’re out, or when you are at home and feeling comfortable.

Here’s what you do. Call our number and record a special introduction that’s all about you. Say what you are looking for and what your likes and dislikes are. Be a little flirty and have fun, while you are speaking. This will be heard by others online and it will make you seem like an attractive person, if you keep your banter light and fun. Remember to relax. The great thing about recording an introduction is, that if you’re not satisfied with it and think you can do better, you can simply re-record it, until you are confident you’re happy with it.

With adult telephone sex chat rooms, it’s all anonymous too, so you can be as bold as you like and no one will mind at all.

After listening to some introductions you may feel like there are some people that you’d like to know better. Talk to them some more and if, for any reason, you don’t like the way things are going, you can skip on to the next caller. You can even block callers who you don’t wish to hear from again.

Let yourself go a little, be sexy and share your fantasies if that’s where your conversation is going. Some callers have rather outrageous suggestions, which you may just enjoy. Go with it and share some of your intimate secrets, if you wish to – after all, adult phone chat is all about enjoying yourself.

You can be casual too. You may just want to have a conversation without commitment and that’s okay. There are plenty of men and women who call just to hear what others are doing. The more often that you call, the more confident you’ll become. We have our regulars who have been calling for many years and new callers every day, so there’s always a different mix of people to have interesting (and sexy if you wish) discussions with. Take the time to listen to what others are saying, so that you can ask meaningful questions and begin to develop real relationships with others.

Take the opportunity to interact with as many people as you can, when you call. You can discuss music, hobbies, travel, food, entertainment and so on. The list is almost endless. If you are comfortable about letting the conversations get a little bit raunchy, then gauge the other person’s reaction and let that be your guide. It’s all about having fun and hanging out with some new friends on the phone. How it develops from there, is entirely up to you and the whoever your speaking with.

Don’t be in a rush and don’t commit to meeting up, face to face, until you are completely satisfied that the person you’re considering hooking up with sounds pleasant, trustworthy, respectful, interesting and shares some things in common with you. After all, the whole point of using the service is to get to know people a little better ‘before’ you make plans to meet.

When you use an adult phone service, you’ll find that it’s just so easy and such an efficient way to spend your valuable spare time. You get to choose when you want to talk and for how long. And best of all – its’ FREE! *


Be Sensual, Titillating and Suggestive

When you call adult chat rooms for the first time you could be a little shy and not confident. That’s okay because there are new people, just like you, phoning in everyday. It’s a good idea to listen to a few introductions so you can get an idea of what people are talking about. You will hear many singles from all over Australia, introducing themselves and talking about what turns them on.

As you get used to calling in, it’s a great idea to try and open up and really let go. Be sexy and sultry, if you are confident doing that. Share some of your intimate fantasies and sexual desires. Speak about the other things that you’d love to try. You will find that most everyone responds to someone who sounds hot and not afraid to have new experiences.


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