Make It Sexy

Keep It Spicy And Playful

When women call an adult phone service and they have never been on one before, they are often slightly nervous about what they are going to say and the type of people that they will encounter. Unlike regular dating, where you actually physically meet the person and are immediately confronted with a face to face situation, speaking to them on the telephone first definitely has many advantages.

You can be as playful as you want to be with the men that you are speaking with. Because it is anonymous, you can just go for it. This is a time to be fun, sensual and a tiny bit naughty. It’s also a great opportunity to test your skills with telephone chat. Here are some strategies you can use to decide what type of man is really on the other end of the phone, by using these simple, playful tips.

It’s How You Say It

When you are speaking with a man on the phone, who you have never spoken to before, you really want to find out what type of person he actually is. One of the easiest ways to get him to be more like himself, to break him out of his proverbial shell, is to be very friendly. We are not suggesting talking about having sexual intercourse initially, or being lewd or suggestive with the words and phrases that you use. You simply need to speak in such a manner where you sound a little sexy. This is something that really turns guys on, even though they have never met you.

Just the sound of your voice, the enunciation of certain words and the way that you laugh, can mean all the difference in the world. This really breaks down men’s defences. It allows you to learn things about them that they might not tell other people, simply because they feel very comfortable and motivated to talk with you.

Flirting In A Sexy Way

This next strategy should only be used after you have had a couple of different conversations with a person, who you believe you want to meet at some point in the future. Test the waters first, see how they react to some of the more provocative things that you say and gauge their reactions. Like many other women, you may be turned off by guys who become overly vulgar during the conversation, after you have introduced some flirtatious banter.

If you are mentioning how it could be fun to spend time with them or perhaps talking about the what you are wearing, most women appreciate a tasteful and appropriate response. You want to know that he is interested but is not someone who is horribly crude and who simply wants to have a one night stand. This is especially true if you are becoming very accustomed to talking with an individual and are thinking about possibly being in a relationship with him. By choosing the right words, using imagery and sounding sexy, you can weed out all of the guys that you probably do not want to hook up with. This allows you to find a hot, pleasant guy and you will have achieved it all with just a little harmless flirtation.

Once you become used to sounding a little sultry and flirting in such a way that you can use your voice to your advantage, there is really nothing as successful as telephone chat. When it comes to quickly finding someone who you might like to date or someone you inevitably may like a long-term relationship with, Booty Chat is perfect! And by using these simple flirting techniques, you can keep control of the conversation and find a great guy to be with now or maybe for a long time in the future.