What Men Want

Know What He Likes

The interaction on adult phone services in the modern world, can be sometimes be a little complex and if you have been out of the game for a while, it can sometimes seem to be slightly intimidating. However, lots of women, just like you, have found that telephone conversations are a fabulous way to meet single men and re-enter the relationship game.

When you call a telephone chat service, you need to make certain that you do things the right way. Talking to a guy on Booty Chat can be a an ideal method of interacting, without having to immediately commit to meeting in a public place where awkwardness regarding matters such as venue, payment and other issues can quickly escalate.

Initially you will hear lots of different men wanting a variety things. So how do you know what he wants? Really, this is all about listening attentively when a man is talking. What are the topics he most talks about? What are the things that interest him? What is he seeking? What kind of leisure activities is he in to? You will soon find out, from listening to him, if he is a romantic person or someone who is just wanting sex or just a casual hook up. Take your cues from this.

You may also need to adjust exactly what it is you are looking for. If it’s romance you desire, then you may need to start on a purely friendship level and then, if all goes well, move on to where you feel more confident about starting a relationship. Are you looking primarily for new people to hang out with or possibly even date for a while? Perhaps you are searching for your soul mate and do not intend to waste your time with anyone who does not meet certain criteria.

Understanding your own goals and interests will help you to establish how to conduct your phone conversations. If you properly understand that yourself, it will be far easier to recognise when someone is not compatible with what you are seeking. In some instances, this can still lead to two people becoming great friends but just never pursuing a romantic involvement at all.

After considering what it is that you are looking for, formulate a list of questions that will help you determine if the men on the phone have potential. You do not want to sound like you are interrogating him or sizing him up in a negative manner.

Asking about his employment during the first conversation is a sticky subject and probably best avoided. Unless he brings it up, you should not. Remember that there are a lot of single women who are just trying to hook a rich man to take care of them. These women will blatantly ask a man about his finances to determine if his bank account is large enough to deserve a date. You do not want to inadvertently appear like one of them.

However, questions about goals and ideas can be a great way to see a glimpse of their life view. For instance, you may want to ask where they see themselves at a certain point in the future. Alternatively, you may enquire about what they would improve about the world, if given the chance.

You may wish to find out about their hobbies and how they spend their leisure time. If you are into exercise and health food cooking but he enjoys spending his spare time in front of the television, eating take away meals, there may be compatibility issues.

Remember that you are a unique person with your own thoughts and feelings. You deserve to find the right person.