Friends Or Lovers

What Sort Of Relationship Do You Want?

Dating and forming relationships can be difficult. Especially in today’s world, everyone’s so busy and you may have a hard time making connections. And when you try to meet new people, whether it be at a party or at the local shop, you can never be quite certain if they’re going to respond well. Of course, that’s the difficulty with dating and it affects everyone.  And when you do finally get a chance to meet someone nice, things can go awry quickly. What happened?

You may not have known exactly what you were hoping to achieve!

It may seem obvious and simple. If you’re going on a date, you’re just going out, right? But it is not actually as simple as all that. Sometimes, we go on dates just because we’d like to meet new, interesting people. We’re not hoping for romance or anything more than a fun time that night. Meanwhile, others are searching for their soul mate. They want to find that special someone and they’re hoping that this social encounter will lead that way.

When you go on a date, do you know what outcome you desire? Do you tell the other person what your aim is, or do you simply hope that they’ll pick it up from context clues? If you don’t tell the other person what you’re looking for, it may be incredibly difficult for you to actually get it!

This is why telephone chat can work so well. There’s not any problem with nervous, worried body language. Instead, it’s simply two people talking anonymously. They can have the conversation that they need to have, discussing whatever they like, without all that worry about the public setting. There’s no social contract involved when calling an adult phone sex chat line.

On a physical date, sometimes it’s easy to get the idea that because one person has spent some money, they’re ‘owed’  time or a relationship of some sort. Talking in a phone chat room, you don’t have that problem. The only thing spent is time and, initially, the only thing each person wants is a conversation. How can you possibly be looking for more, when all you are is a voice on the other end of the telephone?

But in order to make the most out of that, you really do need to know what it is you are after. If you’re wanting a long term relationship, then you should say that up front. If you just want to meet new friends and have some fun, you need to say that. No matter what it is you’re seeking, you need to be open and honest.

But the great thing is that it will probably come up quite early in conversations. All you have to do is talk, after all.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the most out of each call. They can lead to long term relationships and they can lead to long term friendships. It really just depends on what you’re searching for.