Make It Fun

Spicing It Up And Make It Engaging

Successful chat sessions require telephone etiquette. This requires knowing how to be good with conversations. The good news is, it’s easier than you think. Being a great conversationalist involves finding ways to inject some excitement into any discussion. Consequently, if you are looking for ways to boost your chances of getting a partner, it is imperative that you find ways of making what you say, fun. There is a subtle connectivity that comes when discussing something in an enjoyable way, with someone over the phone. If you are at your wits end on how to spice it up, below are some helpful tips to help you:

Breaking the ice

Usually, the first chatting experience can be the hardest. You are faced with the dilemma of where to begin, so that the two of you have common ground. You can’t make progress  if you can’t even get started. The best way to begin is to use an icebreaker phrase. As rule of thumb, keep the icebreaker simple. ‘How are you?’ or ‘Hey, What’s up?’ would suffice in relieving the tension and get things underway.

Keeping it Simple

Don’t over complicate things when you are looking for ways to spice up what you have to say. Keep it simple. Day to day topics always stack up favourably when it comes to making conversations livelier. You can discuss sports, hobbies, music, or even video games. Make sure that you don’t run out of simple things to talk about. If you want to know the other caller better, try simple questions such as whether they have pets or ask about their childhood. Always inquire, don’t interrogate.

Have a plan

The chief cause of disappointing outcomes is the lack of a plan. In fact, many disappointments can be avoided simply by thinking before you dial. Don’t just chitchat about anything and everything. There should be some sort of flow, so that your discussion can be invigorating and enjoyable. Having a plan for a great conversation also makes you come across as thoughtful and assertive.

How to maintain the flow

There is nothing that kills the fun when talking to someone on the phone, like a long and awkward silence. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to come up with ways to make sure that your conversations flow effortlessly and seamlessly. A meaningful discussion should be like a tennis game. The conversational ball should be constantly tossed to the other person, to avoid you doing all the talking.

Making a few quick notes before you call can be an excellent idea.  Simply jot down some of your interests, hobbies and passions. Write down the names of movies that you’ve enjoyed, the type of music that you like and your favourite foods. You can also scribble down a few memory joggers like the weather, current events, upcoming sports matches or maybe last weekend’s sports results. These are just things that you can refer to, if the conversation starts to slow down a bit and needs to be refreshed or turned in a new direction. There are a thousand things you can talk about but sometimes our brains just seem to stop, so having a few notes at hand is a great technique.

You’ll often find that when you mention something like a movie you saw last week, you’re then able to ask the person who you’re speaking with, what kind of movies they enjoy. You may discover  that one simple question will take the pressure off you completely and suddenly you’re listening rather than having to do all the talking. And if you make sure that you’re listening carefully, you will learn more and more about the other person and then be able to respond with comments or questions that show you have been paying attention to what’s being discussed and that you are truly interested.

Learn to listen

If you’re not already good at this, learn the art of listening. Being a good listener is NOT waiting for your turn to talk. Listen genuinely and don’t interrupt. When the other person has finished speaking, respond to what has been said with some enthusiasm. Let them know that you are genuinely concentrating on what they are saying.